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Homemade Smoked Barbecue Beef Brisket wi

All About Us

We are avid BBQ enthusiast that love everything BBQ!!

Our founder initially created the Beef Dry Rub to pair with brisket. Once the ideal flavor profile was developed he began creating the Original BBQ Sauce to pair with the brisket. After many different versions, the recipe evolved to the BBQ sauce it is today. Knowing everyone has different tastes over 100 samples of the Original Sauce were sent out in a true blind survey. From the peoples feedback we created Peoples Choice BBQ Sauce. Here in the south it is well known everyone loves a sweet sauce, for this we created Sweet Heat, a sweet sauce with REAL flavor!!

Keep an eye out in the near future for flavored BBQ sauces!! As always our sauces are 100% natural with 0 preservatives!!

Try all of the flavors and find one that is suitable to your pallet. If you have any flavor suggestions please feel free to drop us a message and tell us all about your flavor preferences.


As with any condiment always refrigerate after opening to preserve freshness.

Founders Philosophy

Everyone has unique tastes that suits their pallet. I want to create sauces and spices to cater to those that are tired of the usual BBQ. Let me show you what I mean by "Everything BBQ Should Be!!"